The precursors of Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD)can be found in the young and there is an urgent need for early detection and intervention since these diseases are on the rise. Child onset adult diseases commonly seen in Low birth Weight adolescent will add to the burden of the diseases. This clinic aims at screening for precursors of Cardio Vascular Diseases such as obesity, Hypertension with providing appropriate life style interventions for children and adolescents. The children who are identified as at risk from the community extension services as well as different school projects are examined in this clinic and appropriate interventions including diet-counselling, stress reduction are being given.








The major services offered in the clinic:

1. Screening for CVD Risk factors
2. The relevant laboratory investigations
3. Counselling for Lifestyle modification and Psycho-educational issues of adolescent children
4. Preventive cardiology services and follow up