Late Pre-term Clinic (34 weeks to 36 weeks 6 days)

The clinic functions on all week days and the services are offered from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm



1. Periodic assessment of late preterm from birth to 24 months

2. Sensory oriented stimulation for late preterm babies.

3. Stimulating the child through normal developmental channel.

4. Teaching the parents to stimulate the baby with appropriate stimuli.

5. Assessing parenting skills and educating.





Service offered

  1. Lactation counseling
  2. Health education
  3. Hearing & Vision Screening
  4. Growth Monitoring
  5. Infant massage and tactile stimulation
  6. Early intervention based on developmental assessment
  7. Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan for medical problems by Developmental Pediatrician       
  8. Developmental assessment using TDSC, DDST, Amiel-Tison method and CDC Grading for  motor mile stones