Child development Centre as a Centre of Excellence has got a well established research unit. The centre appreciate the importance of research in this changing arena of health care and adopts a life cycle approach in research.

CDC’s research and development involve mainly in the field of disability and its management with particular reference to preschool children, adolescent care and women and youth welfare. The Centre also conducts community extension programs such as school health programs, medical camps and undertake various training programs for health and ICDS functionaries in the State.
According to University Order No..11668/2019/ACI/GEN A2/KUHS Dtd 16.11.2019, CDC has been recognized as Centre of Research under Kerala University of Health Sciences.


  • Ongoing research projects
  • Completed research projects
  • Publications
  • Community extension activities


Ongoing research projects


  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among offsprings of parents with premature Coronary Artery Diseases
  • Translation and validation of modified checklist for autism in toddlers, revised with follow-up (M-CHAT-R/F)
  • Development and validation of a tool for assessing grief among parents of children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Addressing Sexual Reproductive Health Needs of Young Adult Girls (15-18 years) with Hearing Impairment
  • Effectiveness of Health Care Counselling for Mothers of Preterm Babies in Newborn Intensive Care Unit
  • Assessment of Thyroid Function among Children with Down Syndrome
  • Neurodevelopmental Follow up of Low Birth Weight Babies (<1800 gm) at 6-8 years of Age.
  • Assessment of Non Communicable Disease Risk Factors among Higher Secondary School Children in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala
  • A Comparison of Vitamin D Levels in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Normal Children.
  • Prevalence of Neuro Developmental Disorders among siblings of children diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorders .
  • Profile of Broad Autism Phenotype in parents of children with ASD.


Major training programmes -2018

Capacity Enhancement for Paediatricians for Early Screening of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Strategies for Early Intervention”

For Kerala Social Security Mission of Social Justice Department, Child Development Centre prepared a “Comprehensive Resource Book in Autism Management” – a document for Kerala and trained 100 Pediatricians in the state for Early Screening of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Strategies for Early Intervention”

Child Development Centre for NHM developed 18 Point Screening Tool Kerala (PSTK-18) (Developmental & Disability Screening Tool (0-1 year) and also gave Community Based Infant Disability Screening Training Programme for CDPO’s, Supervisors & RBSK Nurses of Selected 30 ICDS of Kerala